Differential Pressure Transmitter SS 316L Insulated Diaphragm

Differential Pressure Transmitter SS 316L Insulated Diaphragm
Product Details

                    Differential Pressure Transmitter SS 316L Insulated Diaphragm

Descriptions : 

A differential pressure transmitter is a device that converts pressure into a pneumatic or electric signal for

control and remote transmission. It can convert the physical pressure parameters such as gas and liquid 

felt by the load cell sensor into standard electrical signals (such as 4~20mADC, etc.) to supply the secondary

instrument such as indicating alarm device, recorder, regulator, etc. for measurement and indication. And 

process adjustment.

Main performance:


1. It can measure oil, water and paste compatible with 316 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel with a wide

 range of anti-corrosion ability.

2, high accuracy, high stability, the use of imported original sensors, good linearity, high temperature stability;

3, small size, light weight, installation, commissioning, easy to use;

4, stainless steel fully enclosed shell, waterproof;

5. The pressure sensor directly senses the measured liquid level pressure and is not affected by the foaming

 and deposition of the medium.

Technical specifications :

Reference Accuracy

0.075 % of Span


0.1 % of URL per 60 months

Transmitter Output

4 to 20 mA with Digital Signal (HART Protocol).

Process Connection:

 Traditional Flange and 1/4 NPT Connector.

Support Mounting

Traditional Flange.

Maximum Static Pressure

4500 PSIG (310 Bar).

Connection to the Process

1/2 – 1/4 NPT.

Degrees of Protection


Transmitter display

LCD Display


Low copper cast-aluminum alloy with polyurethane
paint (Munsell 0.6GY3.1/2.0)

Fill Fluid

LSilicone, Fluorinated oil(option)


intrinsic safety (ia II CT6)

Flameproof type

(d II BT6)

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