EJA110A Differential Pressure Transmitter

EJA110A Differential Pressure Transmitter
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EJA110A Differential Pressure Transmitter


Yokogawa series pressure transmitter has two types: dynamic and pneumatic.The uniform output signal is 0 ~ 10mA, 4 ~ 20mA or 1 ~ 5V, etc.The pneumatic uniform output signal is 20 ~ 100Pa gas pressure.

Performance specification :

Zero-based calibrated span, linear output, wetted parts material code ā€˜Sā€™ and silicone oil.

Reference Accuracy of Calibrated Span

(including the effects of zero-based linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability)

0.065 % of Span

For spans below X

[0.015 + 0.05 ] % of Span X

where X equals:

Capsule   X kPa {inH2O}

L         3 {12}

M         10 {40}

H         100 {400}

V         1.4 MPa {200 psi}

Square Root Output Accuracy
The square root accuracy is a percent of flow span


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