EJA220A Flange Mounted Differential Pressure

EJA220A Flange Mounted Differential Pressure
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                       EJA220A Flange Mounted Differential Pressure

Features :

Pressure transmitter  refers to the output signal of the pressure sensor as a standard, is a variable in proportion to a pressure output signal is converted to a standard instrument. It will change the gas load cell sensor feel, liquid pressure and other physical parameters into a standard electrical signal (such as 4 ~ 20mADC, etc.) to supply instructions Alarm, recorders, regulators and other secondary instrument to measure, indicating and the process of adjustment.

Specifications :

Load (Output signal code D and E)
0 to 1335  for operation
250 to 600  for digital communication

Communication Requirements “”

Communication Distance
Up to 2 km (1.25 miles) when using CEV polyethylene-insulated PVC-sheathed cables. Communication
distance varies depending on type of cable used.

Load Capacitance
0.22 F or less (see note)

Load Inductance
3.3 mH or less (see note)

Spacing from power line
15 cm or more.

Input Impedance of communicating device
10 k or more at 2.4 kHz


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