EJA430A Gauge Pressure Transmitter

EJA430A Gauge Pressure Transmitter
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EJA430A Gauge Pressure Transmitter


It is well known that Yokogawa pressure transmitter with high performance and high accuracy when they work at workplace. EJA430A series is belong to gauge pressure transmitter. This type transmitter can be used to measure Liquid, gas and steam pressure and itout put a 4-20mA DC signal.

EJA430A high performance pressure transmitter uses monocrystalline silicon resonance sensor technology,  which is suitable for measuring the flow rate, liquid level, density and pressure of liquid, gas or steam. It converts the measured differential pressure into the 4-20ma DC current signal output, which can measure, display or remotely monitor static pressure. It has the functions of rapid response, remote setting and self-diagnosis.

The eja-e series products provide communication protocols such as BRAIN, HART/HART(1-5vdc) low power, FF fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA, and the standard configuration has passed SIL 2 security certification.


1. Single crystal silicon resonant sensor

2. Adopting microelectronics machining high-tech (MEMS)

3. The sensor directly outputs the frequency signal, simplifying the interface with the digital system.

4. High precision, generally ±0.075%

5. High stability and reliability

6. After 100,000 times of overpressure test, the impact amount is ≤0.03%/16MPa

7. No need to adjust zero point for five years of continuous work

8.BRAIN/HART/FF fieldbus three communication protocols for selection

9. Complete self-diagnosis and remote setting communication function

10. Can be installed directly without a three-valve

11. The material of the basic product is: Hastelloy C-276 (small standard is 3.9kg)

12. External zero/range adjustment

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