EJA438N Gauge Pressure Transmitters

EJA438N Gauge Pressure Transmitters
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EJA438N Gauge Pressure Transmitters

Features :

The main effect of the pressure transmitter pressure signals to the electronic device, and then the computer shows the pressure principle generally: the mechanical signal into a current pressure of this pressure (4-20mA) Such electronic signal pressure and voltage or the current size of a linear relationship is generally positive relationship. Therefore, the voltage or current output of the transmitter increases with pressure thereby obtain a two pressure measured media pressure and voltage or current relationship leads to high pressure transmitter, two low pressure chamber .

Diaphragm seal desription :

The diaphragm seal diaphragm of the remote-transfer pressure transmitter is used to prevent the medium in the pipe from entering directly into the pressure sensor assembly in the differential pressure transmitter, which is connected to the transmitter by fluid-filled capillaries.Diaphragm sealed pressure transmitter SC438W and SC438N (same as EJA438W and EJA438N) is used to measure the flow rate, liquid level, density and differential pressure of liquid, gas and steam, and then output the 4-20ma DC signal corresponding to the measured differential pressure.It can also communicate with the operator, and can set and monitor remotely

Specifications :



See Table 2.

Ambient Temperature Limits:

-40 to 60 ˚C (-40 to 140 ˚F) (general-use type)

-30 to 60 ˚C (-22 to 140 ˚F) (with integral indicator)

(Note: The ambient temperature limits must be within the fill fluid operating temperature range, see table 1.)

(See ‘Optional Specifications’ for Explosion-protected types)

Ambient Temperature Effect:

See Table 2.

Process Temperature Limits:

See Table 1.

(See ‘Optional Specifications’ for Explosion-protected types)

Ambient Humidity Limits:

5 to 100 % R.H.(at 40 ˚C)


Transmitter; 2-inch pipe mounting

Diaphragm seal; flange mounting


Technical parameters :



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