EJA510A EJA530A Absolute And Gauge Pressure transmitter

EJA510A EJA530A Absolute And Gauge Pressure transmitter
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EJA510A  EJA530A Absolute and Gauge Pressure transmitter

Features :

The absolute and gauge pressure transmitter model EJA510A and EJA530A can be used to measure liquid, gas, or steam pressure. Both output a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured pressure, and also feature remote setup and monitoring through communications with the BRAIN™ terminaland CENTUM CS™ or µXL™ or HART® 275 host.

Specifications :

Supply Voltage “”

10.5 to 42 V DC for general use and flameproof type

10.5 to 32 V DC for lightning protector (Optional code /A)

10.5 to 30 V DC for intrinsically safe, Type n, nonincendive, or non-sparking type

Minimum voltage limited at 16.4 V DC for digital communications, BRAIN and HART

Load (Output signal code D and E)

0 to 1335  for operation

250 to 600  for digital communication

EMC Conformity Standards “” ,

EN61326-1 Class A, Table2 (For use in industrial locations)


European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

Sound Engineering Practice

With option code /PE3

Category III, Module H, Type of Equipment: Pressure

Accessory-Vessel, Type of Fluid: Liquid and Gas, Group of Fluid: 1 and 2

Communication Requirements “”


Communication Distance

Up to 2 km (1.25 miles) when using CEV polyethylene-insulated PVC-sheathed cables. Communication distance varies depending on type of cable used.

Load Capacitance

0.22 F or less (see note)

Load Inductance

3.3 mH or less (see note)

Spacing from power line

15 cm or more.

Input Impedance of communicating device

10 k or more at 2.4 kHz.


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