EJX510A EJX530A Absolute And Gauge Pressure Transmitter

EJX510A EJX530A Absolute And Gauge Pressure Transmitter
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                            EJX510A EJX530A Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitter


Feature :

The high performance absolute and gauge pressure transmitter EJX510A and EJX530A feature single
crystal silicon resonant sensor and are suitable to measure liquid, gas, or steam pressure. EJX510A and
EJX530A output a 4 to 20 mA DC signal corresponding to the measured pressure. It also features quick
response, remote setup and monitoring via BRAIN orHART communications, diagnostics, and optional
status output for pressure high/low alarm. The multisensing technology provides the advanced diagnostic
function to detect such abnormalities as an impulse line blockage or heat trace breakage. FOUNDATION
Fieldbus protocol type is also available. All EJX series models in their standard configuration,
with the exception of the Fieldbus type, are certified by TÜV as complying with SIL 2 for safety requirement


Specification :


Ambient Temperature Effects per 28˚C (50˚F)
Change (0.15% of Span + 0.15% of URL)
Stability (All normal operating condition)
0.1% of URL per 1 year
Power Supply Effects
0.005% per Volt (from 21.6 to 32 V DC, 350 )
Vibration Effects
Amplifier housing code 1:
Less than 0.1% of URL when tested per the requirements of IEC60770-1 field or pipeline with high
vibration level (10-60 Hz, 0.21 mm peak to peak
displacement/60-2000 Hz 3 g)
Amplifier housing code 2:
Less than ±0.1% of URL when tested per the
requirements of IEC60770-1 field with general
application or pipeline with low vibration level (10-60
Hz 0.15mm peak to peak displacement /60-500 Hz
Mounting Position Effects
Rotation in diaphragm plane has no effect. Tilting up
to 90 degree will cause zero shift up to 0.21 kPa
(0.84 inH2O) which can be corrected by the zero
Response Time (All capsules) “”
90 msec
When software damping is set to zero and including
dead time of 45 msec (nominal)


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