Flange Mounted Diffirential Pressure Transmitter EJA210A

Flange Mounted Diffirential Pressure Transmitter EJA210A
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Yokogawa EJA210A EJA flange level transmitter 

EJA210A flange transmitter basic discription :

IT is working principle of single crystal silicon on the two resonant sensor H form the vibration of the beam respectively converting 

differential pressure transmitter pressure signal into frequency signal and sent to the pulse counter, then the difference between

 the two frequency transfer directly to the CPU for data processing, the D/A converter is converted into A corresponding to the input 

signal is 4 ~ 20 madc output signal, and A BRAIN/HART, 

superimposed on the analog signal digital signal to communicate.The temperature, static pressure and input/output characteristics 

of the sensor are corrected by the internal characteristic correction memory in the film box component. By CPU operation

excellent temperature,static pressure and input/output characteristics of the transmitter can be obtained .

Flange transmitter main specifications :

Housing Style

Low copper cast-aluminum alloy with polyurethane



Transmitter output :

Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC output with digital communications. BRAIN or HART FSK protocol are superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA signal.


Stability :

0.1 % of URL per 60 months


LCD Display


Product Certifications :

Basic options certificates


Isolating Diaphragms

SUS316L  or Hastelloy C-276*4


Process flange

size / material

3-inch (80 mm) / S25C

3-inch (80 mm) / SUS304*6

3-inch (80 mm) / SUS316*



SCM435, SUS630, or SUH660


Degrees of Protection

IP67, NEMA4X, JIS C0920 immersion proof


Measurement span

1 to 100 kPa {100 to 10000 mmH2O} {4 to 400 inH2O} {10 to 1000 mbar}

5 to 500 kPa {0.05 to 5 kgf/cm2} {20 to 2000 inH2O} {50 to 5000 mbar}

EJA210A Dimensions :


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