Resistance Sensor pt100 RTD

Resistance Sensor pt100 RTD
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Resistance Sensor pt100 RTD

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Thermal resistance (thermal resistor) is the most commonly used in a low temperature zone temperature detector. Thermal resistance temperature measurement principle is based on the resistance value of the conductor or semiconductor with temperature changes.
This feature is used to measure the temperature and temperature-related parameter. Most of the thermal resistance of pure metal material,currently the most widely used platinum and copper. The main features of heat resistance temperature is high accuracy, stable performance.

The Resistance Sensor pt100 RTD is a meter that converts temperature variables into a standardized output signal that can be transmitted. It is mainly used for measurement and control of industrial process temperature parameters. 

Wherein the platinum thermal resistance measurement accuracy is the highest measured temperature is generally in the range -200- + 800 ℃.

Now widely used in industrial temperature measurement. Many forms of platinum thermal resistance of the installation, a fixed screw installation,

Activities screwed, fixed flange mounting, installation flanges, fittings installation activities, straight tube Joint installation.


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