Bimetal Thermometer/ Temperatuer Gauge

Bimetal Thermometer/ Temperatuer Gauge
Product Details

                                        Bimetal thermometer/ temperatuer gauge

Special features
 Scale ranges from -70 ... +600 °C
 For extreme ambient temperatures
 Maintenance-friendly bayonet case
 All stainless steel construction
Individual stem length from 63 ... 1,000 mm


Standard version
Measuring element
Bimetal coil
Nominal size in mm
63, 100, 160
Connection designs
S Standard (male threaded connection)
1 Plain stem (without thread)
2 Male nut
3 Union nut
4 Compression fitting (sliding on stem)
5 Union nut and loose threaded connection

Accuracy class
Class 1 per EN 13190
Working range
Normal (1 year): Measuring range (EN 13190)
Short time (24 h max.): Scale range (EN 13190)
Case, bayonet ring
Stainless steel 1.4301 (304)
Stem, process connection
Stainless steel 1.4571 (316Ti)
Aluminium white, black lettering
Instrument glass
NS 63: window from polycarbonate
Aluminium, black, micro adjustable pointer
Zero adjustment
on case back side, external only for adjustable stem and dial

Insertion length L1
63 ... 1,000 mm
minimum/maximum length is dependent on the measuring
range and diameter
Temperature limits for storage and transport
-50 ... +70 °C
Permissible ambient temperature
-40 ... +70 °C (with/without filling liquid)
Permissible operating pressure at the stem
max. 25 bar, static
Ingress protection
IP 65 per EN 60529


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