Fluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart Meter

Fluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart Meter
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Fluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart Meter

106 Digital Multimeter is a new handheld multimeter with a pocket-sized design that is comfortable to hold, and easy to carry. The multimeter has the best level of safety in its class (CATIII: 600V) and a rugged casing. The meter drop test is easy to use and durable; the full-parameter automatic range design makes the test faster and more efficient. Full-parameter automatic range design, testing is faster and more efficient.


●Exquisite design, stylish appearance, palm size design, comfortable grip, only weight 200g, easy to carry

● Complete test functions, including AC and DC voltage measurement, AC and DC current measurement, resistance measurement, on-off measurement, capacitance measurement, resistance measurement, on-off measurement, etc., to meet basic electrical maintenance, electrical measurement, and electronic measurement applications.

● Full-parameter automatic range test, which is convenient and quick to test; at the same time, it reduces the number of rotations of the wave plate and prolongs the life of the instrument.

●According to IEC61010-1 CATIII 600V over-voltage protection safety standard, it expands the scope of test application, and the test is safer, which protects the user's investment and ensures the safety of personnel and instruments.

● Battery powered, automatic power saving mode.

● Data retention function makes it easier to read measurement results

●Sturdy casing and 1 meter anti-drop test to ensure outstanding accidents still outstanding

●Smart Strap intelligent magnetic multi-purpose lanyard optional

● Unique and novel design, adsorption, suspension, support, free to use,

● Instrument carrying and testing is easier

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