644 Temperature Transmitter With HART

644 Temperature Transmitter With HART
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Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter with HART / 4-20 mA

644 Temperature Transmitter With HART is ideal for single point temperature measurements in a variety of applications with high accuracy and stability. Two-wire 4–20 mA/HART or FOUNDATION fieldbus outputs are available. These high precision temperature transmitters are available in a variety of mounting styles and enclosures to meet your installation needs.

Transmitter features include:

• HART / 4-20 mA, FOUNDATION fieldbus or Profibus PA protocols

• DIN A or Rail Mount transmitter types

• LCD Display (Option Code M5 or M6)

• Transmitter-Sensor Matching (Option Code C2)

• 3-Point Calibration Certificate (Option Code Q4)

• Assemble to Sensor options (Option Code XA)

Specification :

Digital Accuracy: ± 0.15 ℃ (± 0.27F), Pt100 RTD

Ambient temperature: 0.003 ℃ / 1.0 ℃, Pt100

Output: 4-20 mA with HART communication protocol

Supply voltage: 12.0 to 42.4 volts

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