Emerson 644 Temperature Transmitter Exporters

Emerson 644 Temperature Transmitter Exporters
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Product Details

Emerson 644 Temperature Transmitter

Description :

By inputing the temperature-resistance profile specific to the RTD sensor into the Rosemount 644, transmitter-sensor matching is achieved, eliminating the sensor interchangeability error. This is capable of improving accuracy by up to 75% to insure process favorable and enable economical single sensor architecture the advanced emerson 644 temperature transmitter powers plantweb, it's capabilities include communication of important temperature diagnostics and plantweb alerts.The transmitter is manufactured with the most advanced technology and the best quality of raw materials. It has a long service life, strong structure and excellent performance and is well received by users. In addition, it is known for its availability in different sizes and technical specifications.

The Emerson 644 Temperature Transmitter provides great installation flexibility. Its headmounted transmitter is suitable for various housing remote transmitter installations, which can be integrated or remotely installed into the sensor. The compact track mounting style is great for DIN track mounting in the compact space of the crowded control room.

Features :

transmitter accuracy :±0.03%

Transmitter stability : Within one year, the error is plus or minus 0.1%.

Digital accuracy : ±0.15℃(±0.27F)

Transmitter output : thermocouple,Mv,ohm