Rosemount 248R Temperature Transmitter

Rosemount 248R Temperature Transmitter
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          Rosemount 248R temperature transmitter


Feature :

The Rosemount 248 temperature transmitter has a standard transmitter design that provides 

flexible and reliablie performance in process environments. Transmitter features include:
• HART / 4-20 mA communication protocol
• Rail Mount transmitter type
• 3-Point Calibration Certificate (Option Code Q4)
• Custom Configuration of Software Parameters (Option Code C1)


Specifications :


User-selectable; sensor terminals rates to 42.4 Vdc. See
“Transmitter Accuracy and Ambient Temperature Effects” on
page 8 for sensor options.
2-wire 4–20 mA, linear with temperature or input; digital output
signal superimposed on 4–20 mA signal, available for a Field
Communicator or control system interface.
Input/output isolation tested to 500 Vac rms (707 Vdc) at 50/60 Hz.
Power Supply
An external power supply is required for HART devices. The
transmitter operates on 12.0 to 42.4 Vdc transmitter terminal
voltage with load resistance between 250 and 1100 ohms. A
minimum of 17.75 Vdc power supply is required with a load of 250
ohms. Transmitter power terminals are rated to 42.4 Vdc.

Temperature Limits
Operating Limit
• –40 to 85 °C (–40 to 185 °F)
Storage Limit
• –50 to 120 °C (–58 to 248 °F)
Turn-on Time
Performance within specifications in less than 5.0 seconds after
power is applied to transmitter, when damping value is set to zero
Update Rate
Less than 0.5 seconds
32 seconds maximum. 5 seconds default


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