Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter HART

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Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter HART

Transmitter Specifications:


2-wire device with either 4–20 mA/HART, linear with temperature or input, or completely digital output with FOUNDATION fieldbus communication (ITK 5.0.1 compliant).


Input/output isolation specified to 500 Vdc (500 Vrms 707 V peak) at 50/60 Hz

Stability :

• RTDs: - ±0.1% of reading or 0.1 °C, whichever is greater, for 24 months.

• Thermocouples: - ±0.1% of reading or 0.1 °C, whichever is greater, for 12 months.

5 Year Stability:

• RTDs: - ±0.25% of reading or 0.25 °C, whichever is greater, for 5 years.

• Thermocouples: - ±0.5% of reading or 0.5 °C, whichever is greater, for 5 years.

Power Supply :

External power supply required. Transmitters operate on 12.0 to 42.4 Vdc transmitter terminal voltage (with 250 ohm load, 18.1 Vdc power supply voltage is required). Transmitter power terminals rated to 42.4 Vdc.

Basic Information :

The rosemont 3144 temperature transmitter with HART protocol has excellent measurement accuracy, stability and reliability. It has the dual ability to support single sensor input and double sensor input.The dual sensor input capability enables the transmitter to receive input signals from two separate sensors at the same time.The dual sensor configuration can be used to measure temperature difference, temperature average or redundant temperature measurement.

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