Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter with HART / 4-20 mA

Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter with HART / 4-20 mA
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Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter with HART / 4-20 mA

Basic Information :

The Rosemount 644 is a temperature sensor and a temperature transmitter. The temperature transmitter is placed in a temperature sensor (thermal resistance, thermocouple) junction box to convert the temperature into a thermal resistance and thermocouple output. The proportional 4~20mADC standard signal is transmitted to the secondary instrument and computer system to achieve accurate measurement and control of temperature. Products are widely used in electric power, chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries.

Transmitter features include:

• HART / 4-20 mA, FOUNDATION fieldbus or Profibus PA protocols

• Two-wire 4~20mADC output, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference ability.

• Cold end, temperature drift, nonlinear automatic compensation, high measurement accuracy and long-term stability.

• The temperature module is internally epoxy-casted for use in harsh and hazardous locations.

• The integrated design has a simple and reasonable structure and can directly replace the ordinary assembled thermocouple and thermal resistance.

• With the thermocouple temperature change, the compensation wire can be avoided and the cost can be reduced.

• LCD, digital tube, pointer and other indication functions are convenient for on-site monitoring.

Adopted thermocouple temperature transmitter, thermal resistance as temperature measuring element, from a temperature measuring element output signal to a transmitter module, after filtering, arithmetic amplifier, nonlinear correction, V/I conversion, constant current and reverse protection circuit processing, convert to a linear relationship with temperature of 4 ~ 20 ma current signal 0 to 5 V/V voltage signal of zero to 10, RS485 digital signal output.

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 644 Temperature Transmitter

 644 Temperature Transmitter

 644 Temperature Transmitter

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