Rosemount Temperature Transmitter 3144p

Rosemount Temperature Transmitter 3144p
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Product Details

The Rosemount Temperature Transmitter 3144p is a signal that transforms the temperature sensor into a current signal, connected to a secondary instrument, indicating the corresponding temperature. For example, the temperature sensor's model is PT100, so the temperature current transmitter is designed to convert the resistance signal into a current signal, input the instrument, and display the temperature.

The Rosemount Temperature Transmitter 3144p has excellent measurement accuracy, stability and reliability, making it an industrial leading temperature transmitter in control and safety applications. It  has the dual ability to support single sensor input and double sensor input. The dual-sensor input capability enables the transmitter to receive input signals from two separate sensors at the same time. The dual sensor configuration can be used to measure temperature differences, average temperature or redundant temperature measurement. The product enhances EMI resistance and filtering capabilities to ensure excellent stability in process measurement, throughing IEC61508 safety meter system (SIS) third-party measurement certification.

Specifications :

• RTDs: - ±0.1% of reading or 0.1 °C, whichever is greater, for 24 months.
• Thermocouples: - ±0.1% of reading or 0.1 °C, whichever is greater, for 12 months.

5 Year Stability:
• RTDs: - ±0.25% of reading or 0.25 °C, whichever is greater, for 5 years.
• Thermocouples: - ±0.5% of reading or 0.5 °C, whichever is greater, for 5 years.

2-wire device with either 4–20 mA/HART, linear with temperature or input, or completely digital output with FOUNDATION fieldbus communication (ITK 5.0.1 compliant).

Rosemount 3144p Transmitter Dimensional Drawing for Conduits with M20 x 1.5, PG 13.5, and JIS G1/2 Entries

Rosemount 3144p transmitters.png



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